• Hola!


    I aplogize for my lack of posting on here.  I wanted to update this by adding a storyboard I made for a CoverGirl nail video at my current position.  I drew the storyboards for three CoverGirl nail videos, which were holiday themed.  The first one I'm posting was for New Years' Eve and is called "Spark."  The second one is called "Romantic Red" for Valentine's Day and the third video has not been released yet.  I love working on these videos!  The only thing i need to brush up on is my Spanish.  I created the graphics throughout both videos and my cowoker, Rina Svet, did the editing.  Thanks for looking. 



    I just finished 4 storyboards for an AT&T video which I really enjoy.  I'll have to wait to post them once the project is finished.